Myth #3

“*Gasp* You’re going to Kuwait? Be safe!”
“Kuwait? How does your mother feel about this?”
“Oh, wow, Kuwait! Will they be arming you?”

Don’t get me wrong. I love telling people that I’m moving to Kuwait. I love telling them that I look forward to life in the Middle East. What I find the most frustrating, though, are the comments above. As if I’m going to… I don’t know… East St. Louis.

The thing is, and the MYTH for today—which deviates from my trusty book’o’myths—is that Kuwait is a dangerous place.

Kuwait is actually a VERY safe place! Here is the INTERPOL crimnology report which compares Kuwait to Japan (one of the least violent countries) and the United States (one of the most violent countries). Your mind will be blown. Sorry, nationalists, you might want to make sure you locked your car after reading this.

Hard to believe, right? Kuwait’s crime rate is only 8% of the crime found in the land of stars and stripes! The United States is more than twelve TIMES as violent as Kuwait. Japan is more than four times as violent, and they’re globally known as one of the safest countries.

The bottom line, here, is not to misconstrue what makes the news for what makes a lifestyle. Kuwait—as far as I can tell—is safe, welcoming, and definitely won’t be arming us when we get off the plane. Thank goodness.

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