Hello, world!

Looks like I haven’t been keeping up with my “myth-a-day” promise. I somehow had my hands full with arranging a wedding, getting married, and honeymooning on the Pacific coast. *Sigh.*

…Not to mention packing for Kuwait because Sean and I leave on MONDAY.

That being said, get ready for some real, honest-to-goodness myth-busting straight from the sandy shores of the Persian Gulf itself!

If you’ve patiently and lovingly (or not so lovingly) followed what I’ve posted so far, thank you! I would now like you—the reader—to contribute to the birth of my brainchild by answering the following question. Let’s make things interactive!

Question #1: During your travels, what has been something that you have missed THE MOST from your homeland? It could be that you went to Jamaica during February and wistfully recalled your cracked, bleeding, and frostbitten lips that you so lovingly embraced back in Wisconsin. (Just kidding.) It could be when you were traveling in Alaska and longed for a sandy beach and a shopping mall. Did you miss peanut butter while in Europe? I know I did. Cheerios when in China? I was recently in Canada, where I greatly missed… well… maybe I really didn’t miss anything while I was in Canada. Except my family and friends, of course 😉

Enlighten me with what you longed for when you were long away from home, and in due time I will soon be able to post my own longings from the other side of the planet.

Five days and counting!

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One thought on “Whoops…

  1. Aunt Pat

    Hey Kim, I bet the summer just flew by for you and Sean. Good luck in Kuwait! I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with the Arabs, just with the spoiled brats you’ll have to teach!

    When traveling, I usually don’t miss things that much. Tho a completely new environment can be stressful as your mind has to make sense of it all. I would miss the sounds of home–nature, radio programs I like, voices of friends, etc. as this is the musical score/background noise by which we all live and its familiarity is comforting.

    Keep posting, I’ll be checking what you’re up to!
    Aunt Pat

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