A New Beginning

Well, here I am, in Kuwait. Falling asleep to the hum of the air conditioner and waking up to the call to prayer echoing in my window from the Green Mosque.

…As a proud aside, I have begun to add authentic photos to my blog! All the pictures you see from here on out unless I say otherwise have been taken by yours truly : )

So far, I really like it! Flying into Kuwait in the dead of the night was unsettling, but when the airport security was having side conversations and listening to their ipods instead of watching the xray machines while the bags passed through the scanners, I was able to laugh a little. It’s incredibly hot; 110 during the day, but the mornings and evenings are really, really nice. They say it’s only going to get better (and by better I mean cooler) from here.

There is a 25 mile stretch of paved, landscaped bicycling and running path along the gulf! I was afraid I’d have nowhere to pedal my little toosh on a set of well-oiled wheels, but it appears that there are a few other cyclists in the school as well. Looks like I’m going be checking the classifieds for a schwinn pretty soon! I talked to a few people and plan on going to the ‘bike souk’ on Friday. A ‘souk’ is an open air market that sells all sorts of new and used odds and ends. I look forward to sharing my experience with you!

Okay, okay, you’re probably saying, “so tell me about the country already!” maybe you’re not saying that. Maybe you’re eating cheese curds, watching ABC, or relaxing with an alcoholic beverage. If so, I really hate you right now. (just kidding.) But in truth, there IS no alcohol-unless you brew your own-and there are no cheese curds or ABC. What is there, you may ask? The most delicious baklava, hummus, and pita I have had in my life. A beautiful coastline sculpted by sand (and highly paid architects). Women adorned in gorgeous fabrics, and children wearing Ralph Lauren. A grocery store that sells cheese made in Iowa (a part of me died inside when I saw it). Picturesque Arabic script blanketing every street sign and shopping mall.

It’s also Ramadan right now, which means that eating or drinking in public during daylight hours is actually ILLEGAL. All of the restaurants are closed during the day and open after the evening prayer (6:30ish) and remain open until 2am. Sean made the mistake one day of buying an ice cream bar after school, walking outside of the bakala (a small market that sells convenience items and snacks), and starting to unwrap it. I snatched it out of his hands and, being the caring wife that I am, hurried home while cradling it in the recesses of my purse and it dripped all over my hands so that he could eat it privately 🙂 Tomorrow we are going to an Iftar dinner that our school is treating us to, which is the meal that breaks the daily fasting during Ramadan (which I forgot to mention is 30 days long).

We also just got internet, which costs 21 KD a month (around 80 USD) which Sean is not too pleased with. Our speed is currently only 150 Kb/sec…. which is incredibly slow. Ahhhh, Kuwait.

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One thought on “A New Beginning

  1. John $

    DAAAaaammmmnnn gurl, you can write! Exceptional blogging–photos, insights, all of it. Keep it coming!

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