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Bike Souk Success!

Today I come bearing most excellent news: I am now the proud owner of a hybrid, off-brand road bike fit for the streets of Kuwait! (Or really for the ocean-side, car-free, walking paths of Kuwait…)

I got the drop-down bars I’ve always wanted… my poor Schwinn must be rolling over her grave right now ; )

We asked the do-it-all guy who works at our school/apartment buildings to help us; he’s

*Breaking news update. While typing this post, I was interrupted by the beep of my washer/dryer. Upon walking into the room (which is a small bathroom the maintenance people have rigged into an ‘adequate’ location for a washer/dryer by tying tubes around the toilet, placing the washer in the shower, and directing the water drainage into a hole in the floor) I realized it was completely flooded. Up to my ankles. I immediately knew what was the problem; I had taped up the ‘hole in the floor’ with duct tape so as to prevent cockroaches from crawling up from the sewers. (We had found a roach coming home tonight scuttling his way across our bedroom.) Now, the question must be raised. What is the most preferable quality of life? Clean laundry? Cockroach-free living? Such questions have I never had to ponder before in my life…

Anyway, the do-it-all guy is awesome. He’s got a Subaru Outback and took us to three different bike souks (souk=specialized market) to find a bike. We went at 9 at night as per his recommendation, and the city was crazy with people.

The first place we stopped at sold only Trek bikes for 300KD a piece. That’s like $1200. No thanks! Then we went to an open air market where there were 200+ bikes on the road side for sale, which is where I found my baby. We bartered it from 42KD down to 37KD. Not bad for beginners!

Tonight, Sean and I took it out for a test ride/walk to see if the gulf path was fit for a road bike. We had heard that the brick road might be too rough on road bike tires, so I was nervous. The evening walk along the gulf is beautiful… the way the particles of sand float lazily in the sky, the heat of the air, the setting sun, all combine in a surreal experience.

The gulf path is great, and perfect for my bike. I am excited to begin riding in the morning before school! (The safest—and coolest—time to ride.) However, before I leave you, our walk wouldn’t have been complete without a small detour to remind us of home…

Thus concludes the tale of the coasting cycle, the flooding floors, and the wide-eyed couple.

Up Next: Sean says he has quite the tale about felines up his sleeve, and I have an anecdote on our trip to the hidden Korean restaurant that sells “special water”…

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