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Always the educator…

Hi folks,

No ‘new’ news for today, except that it was another scorcher. I did read an interesting anecdote in an expat magazine that I subscribe to about where the term ‘bedoun’ comes from, and thought it was worthy of sharing.

For years I’ve heard the expression “bedoun succar” which when ordering Turkish coffee in Kuwait, means “bitter please”. OK, so that’s what you say when you want it bitter, but I never realized (or checked) what the “bedoun” was all about. Then we got an article about bedouns in our mailbox, and what do we discover, the meaning of the word bedoun. Stateless people in the region are referred to as bedouns, a word which is explained in this sentence ”….his family members are bedouns, from the Ara- bic “bedoun jinsiyya” meaning “without nationality”. Which explains “bedoun succar” as “without sugar”!

Thanks to the e-newletter available at http://www.abcq8.com/ for such interesting info!

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