Time For Pretty Things…

As I sat down to write my next blog post, I thought to myself, “Hmmmm, I really don’t have much to say, not a whole lot has happened.” Then I looked at the pictures I’d taken between my last post and tonight, and found there was TOO MUCH to even begin explaining. Rather than type a forty-five minute narrative, I’d like to just treat you to some lovely pictures from my week off school with a few helpful captions. Note that you can click on each photo to enlarge it for better quality—I highly recommend it!

My morning bike ride along the golf. Note the perfectly clean and quiet path that I have all to myself!

Our friends Andrew and Megan out to dinner at the old souk (an open-air market). They're from Newfoundland and it's their first time teaching abroad, too.

Sean & I at the old souk. We had the largest pieces of flatbread I'd ever seen!

Authentic Kuwaiti dinner at the old souk.

No matter where you are in the world, the laughter and smiles of children are always the same.

The Old Souk (Liberation Tower in the background.)

*Shudder* Shortly before I took this picture we made the mistake of stumbling through the 'livestock' corridor of the souk... whole halves of cattle were hanging on meat hooks.

View from the rooftop of our apartment.

Our rooftop patio... come on by for a BBQ ; )

Can you spot the Gulf?

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3 thoughts on “Time For Pretty Things…

  1. Fred Tulk


    I am Andrew Tulk’s father…. Loved your site…. I have learned more from your blog then a number of articles I have read….. Your piece on myths was great…. Keep an eye on him and Meghan for me but don’t tell him that…..

  2. Edsel Bonnell

    I agree with Mr. Tulk. The photos were indeed interesting and educational. We now have a better sense of what it’s like in Kuwait. Nice to see Andrew and Neghan holling healthy and happy…. please tell Andrew that we really miss him in the GCB’s annual maraton of Christmas performances, I hope he’s homesick for us, too! Take care, and have a happy (green) Christmas in sunny Kuwait. And to all, a good night….!

  3. Edsel Bonnell

    OOPS…! Sorry for the typos! Obviously it should have been “Meghan” and “looking” healthy and happy…. I have to learn to slow down! Or at least read what I write before sending!

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