Kuwait: A Photo Diary


Welcome back to another scintillating sensory experience at the alohakuwait blog! I hope you have your glasses on, contacts in, lighting—uh—good, and your fingertips ready to start a-clickin’!

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All right. Onward. I’d like to devote this post to more of the ‘little things’ of Kuwait that I’ve been lucky to document with my camera. The first of which is a photo of Sean and I, strategically taken by a friend of ours:

I really, really love this picture. It is almost as if we are kept a safe distance apart by some all-knowing, permeating force… hmmm…
The picture above was taking on the world’s largest dhow (boat), that rests on the shores of Kuwait. Our trip to the dhow was amazing, and I have boatloads (hah!) of pictures to share. I look forward to posting about the dhow soon.

Speaking of the dhow, this cafe was right outside the dhow’s entrance. Looks a wee bit like the Starbucks logo, no? I love the witty nature found in a land of no copyright laws!

Our friends Megan and Andrew came over to our place and said they brought drinks. Little did we know that there is actually non-alcoholic Budweiser... Sean liked the 'green apple' flavored ones (the two on the outside of the photo). *Shudder*


Everyone likes to see different currencies! Were you surprised by the English on it? The back is in Arabic. Currently, the exchange rate is 1KD = 3.6USD

I know, I know, I'm sorry for the bathroom humor. Regardless, all of the toilets in Kuwait have the "hiney hose". I bring toilet paper with me in my purse. Rumor has it that the hose is actually quite hygienic though...


A typical "Kim" lunch!

Would you believe I ate this meal at the GROCERY STORE? They have sit-down dining in the deli section! AND, it cost me around $1.75! I tell you, you can’t beat the food here. It’s deelicious! In case you are wondering and do not know, I will describe the contents of this plate to you. At the top, the log-looking things are stuffed grape leaves; they’re filled with a seasoned rice. Sean hates them. We then have a mixed salad with vinagrette, random crunchy things on top, and the mashed-potato looking lump is hummus. YUM!

A typical "Sean" lunch!

I think I give Sean too much of a hard time about eating fast food. I am a victim of their McFlurry’s too…

All right, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you THE GRANDDADDY OF CHOCOLATE.

This is what I bought to do all of my baking with. A bag of Nestle’s here costs around $5.00, while this lovely brick costs the same amount and you could feed my sister for an hour! (Haha, I’m kidding, Emily.) But really, I was so excited to find this at the store; I have made chocolate zucchini bread, chocolate chip cookies, next on the list will be chocolate beer! …A cheesehead can dream, right?

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One thought on “Kuwait: A Photo Diary

  1. Sharon

    Wow, it looks like the value of your dollar is up again. Wasn’t it about 2.4 to one in the Spring? Anyway the food looks great, but the beer seems like wasted calories! 😉

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