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Dhow In A Day

Greetings, blog readers! It has been much too long—my first full-time, paid position is proving to be quite the commitment!

Today’s post speaks to an adventure we went on about two weeks ago: a trip to the world’s LARGEST dhow. What is a dhow?


“A dhow (Arabic,داو) is a traditional Arab sailing vessel with one or more lateen sails. It is primarily used to carry heavy items, like fruit, along the coasts of the Arabian Peninsula, Pakistan, India and East Africa. Even to the present day, dhows make commercial journeys between the Arabian Gulf and East Africa using sails as their only means of propulsion. Their cargo is mostly dates and fish to East Africa and mangrove timber to the lands in the Arabian Gulf.” (Wikipedia)

In Kuwait, their is a marine museum called the “Boom MarineTime Museum” (“boom” is Arabic for “boat”), which proudly displays the world’s largest dhow in as an honor of the founding of Kuwait as a sea port for merchants.

The boat rests on the gulf, and was never in use. It was built solely as a memoir, or display of what a traditional dhow looked like. All of the wood in the dhow came from Africa and the mast beams came from Oregon pine trees! How cool is that?

(As an aside, I want to remind you, the reader, that by clicking on a photo you can enlarge it for better viewing. Note the beautiful Arabic script in the above picture!)
As we toured the dhow—which was completely free compliments of AISK & the museum—we were in awe of it’s opulence and beauty. The dhow is actually preserved not only for the museum but also as a rental space for private events. Maybe Sean and I should have had a location wedding here instead…

I imagine that cost of renting out this place must be astronomical…

Sean’s favorite part of the dhow tour was the top of the boat… the deck, to be exact 🙂

It’s amazing how much the shade keeps you protected from the heat of the day. I found out that’s why the dishdashas are so appealing (the floor-length white article of clothing men wear); it prevents the sun from hitting your skin and dehydrating you more quickly.


As a matter of fact, I think Sean would look pretty good in a dishdasha 🙂

If you look hard enough at night-time, you can see across the gulf to the glittering city lights of Iraq. (I’m not kidding.)

We had a great time on the dhow. It was amazing to see a cultural aspect of Kuwait such as this.

Yes, these are just for show. No, they are not used anymore.

My friend Megan and I, and the beautiful blue waters of the gulf in the background.

A photo to perhaps put the dhow into better scale for you.

Our friends, Sara and Robb, inside the area that is used for reception of private rentals of the dhow. Nice camels, huh?

One of the most expensive resorts in Kuwait. I asked Sean to get me a membership for Christmas 😉

Our lovely group that took the tour that day! It was a real treat. (Note the painting in the background; it’s depicting the Amir, Crown Princes, and other royalty of Kuwait… tres chic!)

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