Snapshots of the Journey

Things have been, well, busy here in Kuwait. The weather is certainly getting more mild, welcoming the fall season! (Is there such a thing as ‘fall’ in the desert, though?) Instead of being 120 degrees outside, it’s down to a mild 90! But seriously, the weather is easing up. I can ride my bike in the morning without feeling like someone’s wrapped a wool scarf around my face. I have also actually seen CLOUDS in the sky! There’s been beautiful blue skies speckled with whispy clouds for the past week. It’s amazing the things you notice once you spend a little time in a new environment.

Because of the shorter days, the call to prayer is at different times of the day now, too. It actually woke me up one morning, and THAT was really weird! It was haunting in a beautiful way; I faded in and out of dreams to the sound of a human voice melodically echoing in the darkness. It was strangely poetic and pleasurable. In the States I used to wake up to the garbage truck banging metal and beeping as it backed up. I used to wake up to car horns, police sirens, drunken college kids, and barking dogs. But here, to hear the echoings of the sound of a human voice singing to you… that’s beautiful. And you thought there was no way to glorify drifting in and out of sleep at 4 in the morning : )

Moving on, let’s look at some pictures.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what this hairy fruit is? I bought it for really cheap at the grocery store; Sean loved it’s pulpy-sweet taste, but I thought it tasted like sweat. (Not “sweet,” “s-w-e-a-t”.)

The man of the house, doing the dishes 🙂 I am so lucky! Don’t you love our view out the kitchen window?

Sean is fascinated by the soda here. All of it is in thin, smaller cans. There are not 12 ounce cans here. We bought this Pepsi during Ramadan; the text at the bottom of the can says “Ramadan Kareem”, which means “Happy Ramadan”. Note the crescent moon… the symbol of Islam…

The Green Mosque is in the background, and in the foreground are the players of the next FIFA World Cup ; )

Here we are after dinner at the Souq Mubarakiya (the Old Souq). Everyone you see in the photo teaches at the same school as Sean and I. The food here is SO cheap and delicious! Two people can eat their fill for around $5.00.

I had a date with this guy! Ha, ha, ha. No really, I actually had TWO amazing dates with this guy, and I paid for nothing!

Then Sean and bought half a kilo of dates because that is what he sells. He was a real charmer, though. I think I may go back for another date…

Enough of the puns, sorry. I have actually grown quite fond of dates; so far I’ve baked an orange citrus date bread, and a carmel-date cake! When you use them in baking they actually taste something like a golden cranberry. Sean loves to eat them plain.

Welcome to the fish market!!!

I quickly found out that asking what types of fish they are is completely fruitless until I learn Arabic. The only one I could figure out was tilapia. Apparently all of this fish is caught from the gulf. There were blue crabs, calamari, shrimp, the whole deal. It was quite the reminder that even though we’re in the desert we actually live right on the ocean!

This is Sean’s favorite part of the Old Souq. All the sweets you can possibly imagine! We have been coming here almost weekly to stock up on baklava.

And here is MY favorite part of the Old Souq; all the most delicious bread you can imagine!

And it’s SO CHEAP. We buy bread made fresh right outside of our school for 20 fils for a huge round of flat bread. (20 fils = 9 cents!)

Andrew, Megan, and Sean outside waiting for some freshly-pressed juice.

And thus concludes my tales for tonight about Kuwait. I love this picture because as often as I talk about Kuwait being a desert, look at all that green! There are actually a good number of parks, trees, and landscaped “green spaces”.

As I sit here, typing this blog post, Sean is watching the children’s film “Rio”, which tells the tale of an exotic Brazilian parrot that gets removed from it’s home in the rainforest and transplanted into a northern Minnesota pet store during the dead of winter.

And I can’t stop seeing the irony.

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3 thoughts on “Snapshots of the Journey

  1. I thought you really had a date with that guy haha. Clouds in the sky? soo many clouds covering the sky everyday here! So what size is that pepsi can if it’s not 12 oz?

  2. Sharon

    Here is a site that gives a description of the Rambutan or red-hairy-fruit. It looks like some people really like it! However, if it tastes like sweat?????

  3. kayla bennett

    your date humor is too cute !

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