Weekend Warriors

High fashion, dimly-lit alleyways, birthdays, and pickles.

Welcome back to the blog from the cheeseheads in the sandbox!

This week, I’d like to treat my lovely readers to a plethora of pictures from the past week or so. We have been spending our weekends socializing, relaxing, and taking small afternoon trips around the city.

To commence, our lovely Minnesota neighbors knocked on our door early Saturday evening. Looking out my peep-hole, I saw a grocery cart (yes, grocery cart) in the hallway yielding boxes upon boxes of fresh produce.

Apparently our neighbors visited a Kuwaiti farm over the weekend, owned by one of the parents at the school. Now, when you hear “farm”, don’t think barnyard. Imagine a winery (minus the wine) with lemons, limes, eggplants, cucumbers, herbs, palm trees, ducks, rabbits, and goats in the middle of the desert. Imagine the amount of energy and manpower that had to go into such a construction! They swam in Olympic-sized swimming pools, walked the vineyard-esque estate, and politely sat amongst hours of Arabic conversation they did not understand. Rumor has it the owner of the “farm” estimates his self-worth to be something like 20 million KD… (which is 3.6X higher than the U.S. dollar). Long story short, they sent our neighbors home with a bumber crop of vegetables they were eager to share!

So, being the resourceful Wisconsinite that I am, what did I do with such bundles of produce?

I made pickles!!!

All right, all right. Enough of my domestic endeavors. But I must say, look at how productive I’ve become by not having television in my life!


Moving on, let’s talk about a few of our weekend jaunts as of late. WARNING: Thus begins a series of themeless photos that I simply wanted to share. As an English teacher, I have a real hard time stringing together a series of unrelated photos without a clear direction or topic… so let’s just go with the topic of “Kuwait” shall we?

Below is a photo of Sean along one of the many busy roads in Hawalli (where we live). Note how green everything is! Not what you’d expect in the desert, hmm?

This photo was taken on a walk to the local bookstore (think Barnes & Noble-esque), which was unfortunately closed upon our arrival.  We also came across this lovely titled restaurant… “Shrimpy”. Do you think they might specialize in shrimp? Also interesting to note is the castle-style building… yum… shrimpy…

On a more pleasant note, Sean and I had a lovely “date night” where we went to a new part of town and saw an art & fashion exhibit:

Below: I walk through the old-style alley way lit by lanterns to the art exhibit. Like my skirt? I bought it at a souq for $1.5o. It’s actually a sari (view link for pictures) that I’ve fashioned into an empire-waste skirt….

Speaking of clothing-related items, check out these wild shoes in the fashion/art exhibit. Each pair was selling for around $1,000!


After our visit to the fashion exhibit, we traveled to “Souq Sharq” – a beautiful mall and marina on the gulf.

Ahhh… Kuwait at night!

Finally, a picture of the blogger herself! (See, I’m still alive, guys!)

I just thought this place looked really futuristic… they sell frozen yogurt. Note how it’s all women ordering at the counter… 😉


Just some more evidence that we have ALLL the luxuries of home 🙂


Lastly, my neighbor Nadine encouraged me to snap a quick photo of these adorable little ladies having a heart-to-heart in Marina Mall. How cute!

Well, thus ends our journey this week. Tune in next week for our trip to DUBAI! No joke, we leave tomorrow for Dubai. Home of the world’s tallest building, manmade islands in the shape of palm trees and the seven continents of the world, and FINALLY a country that serves something on tap besides rootbeer…

We have to go to Dubai for visa reasons, which I will explain post-trip. We are looking forward to a nice five-day weekend 🙂 Our first year of teaching hasn’t be TOO bad, has it?

I’ll keep the pictures coming if you keep reading!


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One thought on “Weekend Warriors

  1. Sharon

    Well I am impressed, home made pickles!! It is amazing what a person can accomplish when technology does not intrude on your life. Very cute skirt too! Good to see you guys are having date night – as hard as you work, you still need some uniterrupted time for each other. Love you both! Sharon

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