Dubai: Part 1

Hello friends and family! Long-time-no-post. I apologize for the lackadaisical nature of my blog as of late, but between battling a terrible head cold, obtaining a working visa, and visiting the tallest building in the world, it’s been difficult to stay in touch 😉

Sean and I were in Dubai from Tuesday through Saturday, and let me tell you, it was five days of pure bliss. Dubai really is the city of the future. I half-expected to see a Jetson’s spacecraft fly above my head. It was greener, cleaner, and more modern than Kuwait. The beaches were clean with bright blue water, flowers blossomed on every manicured patch of grass, and the lack of pollution and garbage cluttering the streets was just fantastic. AND there were bicyclists everywhere! I was so envious of their ability to bicycle the clean streets of Dubai, in comparison to Kuwait—world renowned as having the highest traffic fatalities of anywhere else.

Why did we go to Dubai, you may ask? Well, long story short, we arrived in Kuwait on tourist visas. (We had trouble in the States obtaining a working visa due to high traffic at the Department of State and misunderstanding on our behalf), so we had to enter Kuwait on tourist visas. By going to Dubai, we got some blood work done (which provided for interesting pictures below), and had a few key documents stamped by the Kuwait embassy. We then flew back into Kuwait after our time in Dubai and were able to enter on working visas.

Don’t ask me how it works.

Let’s begin looking at pictures! Now, this blog is titled “Dubai: Part 1” because I am going to post Dubai in 3 parts. Hopefully I can do them all within the next three or four days. Something to look forward to!

Sean at our hotel in Dubai, reflecting on our relaxing vacation about to begin. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express… how cultured of us…

The map of Dubai. LOOK AT ALL THE ISLANDS! It hardly seems real, right? Those islands are all man-made… with seven-star hotels and million-dollar homes…

Dubai in the morning, near our hotel. I loved how it looked like something out of Tron. Futuristic buildings rising out of the mists… (and look at that large patch of green, green grass!)

Ahhhh, life in the Middle East. This is the doctor’s office where we did our blood work. It takes some courage to gather your nerves, walk into a place looking like this, and let them stick you with a syringe. As of yet, the injection site is infection free…

Don’t get me, he really was a friendly doctor. He lied to me and told me the iodine was an anesthetic to make me feel better about getting a shot 🙂

The metro system that runs through Dubai. It sure is a contrast to the above photos, hmm? We took the metro for everything—it was the cleanest, most organized metro I’d even been on.

Quick photo outside of the metro on one of the stops. I love the juxtaposition of the wall mural and the high-speed metro…

Our trip into the cultural section of Dubai… it was like an unending scene from Aladdin!

In the high-walls of the old section of Dubai.

We could get lost in all of these alleyways!

We found the Dubai historical village, which included recreations of Dubai’s first educational system!

Hey guys, look, it’s my classroom!

I am SO tempted to post this picture and ONLY this picture and tell everyone that this is my real classroom….

(Don’t be fooled; this is a recreation of the first school in Dubai. Or is it…? The guy in the back is my aide…)

As a part of the historical village, we saw how they built the first buildings—out of coral, I kid you not! Check out the picture below to see a close up.

All of the walls in the building (before it was restored) were made out of this coral. Talk about being resourceful in a land without any trees!

Sean posing in the historical village – I love the architecture.

In the historical village they had a room similar to what the Kuwaiti’s call a “diwaniya”. A diwaniya is a traditional room in Kuwaiti Arabic homes where people gather to drink tea, have snacks, and discuss current affairs. It was a wonderful surprise!

Here we venture into the famous Gold Souq of Dubai. All of the above items are pure gold! The Gold Souq was the most interesting place… aisles and aisles of gold!

The world’s heaviest gold ring. Dubai sure is the city of superlatives! See the Guiness Record below…

Can you believe that?

More of the Gold Souq… Sean got tired of me pretending to be interested in pieces of jewelry to find out their prices 🙂

We made the mistake of talking to a shop keeper for too long, who ended up outfitting Sean in what he called “the good looking style”.

He didn’t touch me, though! Surprise, surprise 🙂

Apparently this is an example of remodeling in old Dubai.

The “Creek” in Dubai is a major waterway, an inlet that serves as the major shipping artery for Dubai. You can take an ‘abra’, or a small wooden boat across the Creek for something like 20 cents!

Me on an ‘abra’ across the Creek.

Once on the other side of the creek, we found a guy selling coconuts for $1. We had fun drinking coconut juice and relaxing in the sun!

It was Sean’s first time having coconut milk. He thought it was pretty tasty…

More fun venturing into the Old Souq of Dubai.

The “fort” of Dubai is an original fort to protect the city from the late 1800’s.

We were able to tour the fort, which was amazing. We saw the evolution of Dubai, and how it has grown as a city. There were also traditional recreated rooms in the fort as well!

Dr. Who anyone?

Beautiful sunset in Dubai…

And the best part to the end of a long day? Sipping a Guiness with my wonderful husband. Now that’s something you can’t find in Kuwait… (the Guiness, that is!)

Sean finally got a Strongbow CIDER on tap! He was the happiest bar patron in the whole joint.

Tune in tomorrow for Dubai: Part 2 where we visit the tallest building in the world!

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3 thoughts on “Dubai: Part 1

  1. I love the picture with the bird flying out the window. And the store with all the gold???!!! How much was an average piece of jewelry there? Why don’t Holiday Inns here look like that, nice room. The one picture of the alley way really does look like it’s straight out of Aladin. I can’t believe you saw all those awesome islands. I’m so jealous. How do they get from one part to the other since there is water between each “wing”?

  2. Fred Tulk

    The beer must have tasted wonderful…. Don’t tell Andrew where to go and drink beer. He may not make it back to Kuwait.

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