Kuwait: Round Two. Let The Feast Begin!

As a child, I have a vague memory of a scene from a movie where one of the main characters cries, “Let the feast, BEGIN!” This scene, recalled only in auditory recognition, somehow has always symbolized moments of pure, superfluous, excessive fun. Thus, when deciding what to title this blog, my first blog back in the desert, in the Middle East, in the land of hummus, Hummers, and humid clouds of dust, I thought to myself, “Well, I’m back in Kuwait. Let the feast, BEGIN!”
After toting my camera around for three weekends out and about in Kuwait, I finally felt ready to create a blog. It’s daunting, blogging. There’s a desire to produce work simply so that people can read it, but there must be a high caliber of quality within what I produce. I could just take pictures of everything I eat, or of every pair of shoes I wear. Of what other people wear as shoes. Or what other people eat. But I digress. My point is, that I try to capture a hodgepodge of what Sean and I really “do” over here in the Middle East. Sounds silly, I know, but if I were reading my blog, I would want to know where I go on the weekends, what I do for fun, and yes, occasionally what I eat and what other people wear as shoes.
Do you have a request for a blog topic? Post it below! Let me know what you want to read about! The possibilities are endless… kind of. There are pretty strict censorship laws here. All right. Onto the photographs and stories. Let the feast begin!


I snapped this picture the first weekend we were back in Kuwait. It was taken downtown in Kuwait City, on a particularly humid evening. Maybe you can see that in the amount of clouds in the sky. I loved the way the palm trees made everything look so lush! Not to mention the unique architecture that always seems to dot the Kuwait skyline…


The reason for this evening’s trip into Kuwait City was twofold. Since Kuwait City is about a fifteen minute drive from where we live, we normally either carpool there together, or take public transportation. This evening we went with our friends Dave, Lacie, and Eric. We made a pit stop at the fabric souk so that Lacie could get some clothing of her tailored. As you can see, ‘Silkland’ offers quite a variety for the savvy costumer…


As we waited outside the tailor’s shop in the fabric souk, I looked around in the shops. I was amazed to see the number of men working in a given fabric shop. They were all there, sewing, darning, repairing. All in a row. It made me feel a bit guilty for complaining about the length of time it takes the tailor to complete my requests… and not to mention the price I pay. (Obviously not enough!)


After completing our stop at the tailor’s, we exited the fabric souk. It was hopping on a Thursday night!


However, before we left, I caught a “wardrobe malfunction” on one of the mannequins. How scandalous!


As we drove from the fabric souk to the restaurant, I snapped a photo out of the car of the Liberation Tower. I loved how eerie it looked with the moon and clouds… This tower was constructed after Kuwait was liberated from the Iraq invasion in 1990. It is now open once a year for people to visit and remember.


The restaurant we ended up at was a place called “Slider Station,” and couldn’t have been more strangely American. After spending three months in the States, it was strange to encounter a gourmet burger place. Not to mention a non-politically correct burger place. Check out the “Obama Burger”…


Don’t worry, it wasn’t just ANY old burger place. Nothing in Kuwait is ever “any old” anything. Slider Station was fancy-pants, burgers on a conveyor belt, fancy. I snuck up onto the second floor, so you can see the conveyor belt that brings your burgers out for you. They were mini-burgers, so you would typically order between 3-5 burgers to make a meal. For the vegetarian, I had an “Italian Felafel” burger. I know, I know, I don’t get it either. Regardless, it was surprisingly delicious! The way the place looked, you’d expect everyone to be sipping cosmos and relaxing to lounge music. But don’t worry, those aren’t liquor bottles in the center of the belt. They’re bottles of hot sauce. Bottles of hot sauce on display that you could not use. I was a wee bit disappointed about the mystery of the “too chic to be eaten, only for display hot sauces”. Oh, Kuwait…


Here come the burgers! A magical, delicious, conga-line of consumerism…


Once again, I overestimated my blogging ability for tonight. I had originally uploaded 28 pictures, with the intent to make each and every pixel come alive with tales woven especially for you. Alas, all of those tales must be suspended for another night. What a thing to celebrate! There are hundreds of stories that await!

In our next episode, you will see what a “Britney” and a “Brook” shake is, our friend Eric will become a fire-breathing dragon, and the Italian Circus comes to Kuwait…

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One thought on “Kuwait: Round Two. Let The Feast Begin!

  1. Dave Kriege

    Good blog. I enjoy the small stuff.

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