Tahrir Square, Cairo, And Blogging With One Hand

Hello again! I know it’s only been a few days between posts, but I am unable to go in to work today so I thought I’d make progress on sharing our trip to Egypt with you.

I can’t go to work today because I had surgery on my wrist yesterday. I had a strange build up of blood/fluid in my vessels around my wrist. The doctors used the words “hemangioma” and “blood-filled tumor” interchangeably, and honestly don’t know what caused it. It first arose five years ago when I was waitressing in college. The doctor I saw in the States just told me to sleep with a brace on, because it caused me pain the most when I slept. Over the next five years it would sporadically hurt and swell, and has been a continuous issue the past nine months here in Kuwait. Our insurance here is great and so is the medical care, so I had it removed at the behest of my orthopedist here. They say it’s benign, but have sent it to pathology, and we will know for sure in about a week. When they removed it the doctor said it was a mess, having swelled and clotted all around my muscles and veins. He did a great job though, and took all of it out. I think it’s from waiting tables and carrying massive tray of dishes and bus tubs for six years when my muscles were developing the most. Either way, it’s all better now.

But I should cut to the chase, seeing as I am only typing with my left hand. It takes me forever to peck out a simple sentence! My right hand is my dominant hand, too, which makes my left hand quite the pathetic typist.


Al Seef hospital in Kuwait. It was like a hotel suite in there! I felt so safe and well-taken care of. My lovely husband kept me company all day, too. I am so blessed.


After they removed the wrapping, I was amazed at how small the surgery site actually was!

Okay, time to move on to our pictures from Egypt. I will keep you updated on the wrist, I promise. For now, though, let’s focus on Cairo!


Sean at Tahrir Square. It was very, very quiet. I was paranoid we’d be trammeled by protesters, but it was just guys drinking coffee and snapping pictures of the place with their cell phones. We sat in a cafe for a while on the edge of the square and marveled at it all.

IMG_3789Street art around the square.


There is so much meaning going on in every inch of art. I love it!


A view of Tahrir Square from another angle. Can you see the hanging effigy doll? That was the strangest thing in the whole place. Everything else was calm and subdued.


After Tahrir Square, we wanted to explore Cairo on foot. This is the view from the Kasr Al Nil Bridge, crossing over the Nile River.


Another shot of the Nile. What did YOU picture the Nile looking like before these photos? I sure didn’t picture it cradled in a metropolis!

IMG_3809We found the museum of modern art!


Sean took this picture of me and my parents admiring the revolutionary art. It was an amazing place; you were able to see what the young artists of Cairo thought of the revolution in every piece of art.


An example of the art in the museum. Sean liked this particular painting.


Emily taking a break to smell the roses on Zamalek Island. (The posh district of Cairo, an actual island on the Nile.)


A great little cafe where we feasted on sandwiches and tea after our long walk around Cairo. Don’t you love the greenery in every picture? Cairo has trees and plants every where : )

IMG_3830My mom, happy with all the sightseeing, and proud she braved Tahrir Square!

If you’re thinking of traveling to Egypt, don’t hesitate! Book your flight today. We had so much fun in Cairo, and felt so safe and welcomed the entire time. Don’t be fooled by the CNN effect!

That’s all for today, next post will be on Luxor, and hopefully with an update on my wrist!

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