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Graffiti In Phnom Penh

Street art says a lot about a place. Whether it is the fact that it is rampant, absent, honored, or scorned, people always seem to have an opinion on street art and its place in their home.

Phnom Penh has a surprisingly vibrant street art scene. In my grade 9 English class, we were studying controversy, and our central question was, “Graffiti: Vandalism, Art, or Both?” I teamed up with my friend Anna who is the high school Art teacher, and together we planned a field trip to seek out the graffiti around Phnom Penh.

If you live here in the city, check out the Facebook group, Graffiti Cambodia. They’re always posting new places, even with a bit of info about the artists themselves.

However, Anna and I scoured the internet and never found a comprehensive map of where to go.

So we made one ourselves:
MapI numbered the sites we visited 1-7, in the order that we visited them. The pins without a number do have graffiti, but we didn’t visit those on the trip. If you’re familiar with the city, you can see that we started near the intersection of Monireth and 271, then headed down 271, came up Norodom, drove past ISPP, headed in BKK below Sihanouk, went up Monivong, and made a final stop near Bong Kak Lake. Got it? Good.

Now let’s look at some art. (All photos compliments of the lovely and artistic Anna Sudra.)

Street 430 off Monireth.

Continue straight along street 430. Near Phnom Penh Sports Club.


The motherload of graffiti. A giant open space with at least five pieces by various artists. A vacant lot across from the Malaysian Embassy on Norodom.



DSCN0461STOP #3 Continued

DSCN0466STOP #3 Continued

DSCN0469STOP #3 Continued



DSCN0475STOP #3 Continued



An alleyway behind ISPP on Norodom. This is actually a series of pieces of the “boy with the butterfly”. It tells a story the whole length of the alley wall.



The side of a restaurant and bar, across from Top Banana Guesthouse. There is a whole montage of faces on the second level. Really beautiful.



Street 184. Inside Puthisastra University. A compilation by multiple artists: Peap Tarr and Lisa Mam to be sure, along with others I can’t remember.

DSCN0490STOP #6 Continued

All the way up near the Bong Kak Lake area. From Monivong, turn left on street 80 before the Start Chas Roundabout. You will be driving alongside the French Embassy on your right. You will then find a giant cache of street art sprouting along the buildings.



DSCN0495STOP #7 – Continued



DSCN0496STOP #7 – Continued



DSCN0497STOP #7 – Continued



DSCN0499STOP #7 – Continued

DSCN0501STOP #7 – Continued

DSCN0502STOP #7 – Continued

DSCN0503STOP #7 – Continued

DSCN0506STOP #7 – Continued

DSCN0509STOP #7 – Continued


And before we knew it, it was 3pm and we had to be back at school. What a fantastic day… full of unexpected surprises. I added it to my mental list of the thousands of reasons why I love Cambodia.

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