Cambodian BBQ & Window Fishing

Hello loyal readers! Happy September! Things are full swing here in Cambodia; rain has begun to fall steadily from the sky, students file in and out of classrooms, and I continue to add too many chilies to my cooking. (No joke—Cambodia’s bird’s eye chillies are the spiciest things on the planet. I can’t even touch one without breaking into a sweat for hours afterward.)


In my free time I’ve managed to get around the city a bit and have a good time. Last week I met up with my friends for trivia night at The Willow. Beforehand we had dinner at Sovanna 2, a Cambodian BBQ joint across from the trivia bar.

IMG_8765Your typical Cambodian meal will have a cooler full of ice next to your table, extra soda, water, or beer that you help yourself to, and a trash bin on the floor for you to discard your napkins or chicken bones into.

IMG_8766We had quite the spread. Fried rice, sautéed morning glory, grilled squid, it was delicious.

On another note, I wanted to share a great blog with you that I recently discovered. My friend Jared—also a Madisonian at heart—has lived in Cambodia for quite a few years now. He was having dinner with us at Sovanna 2, and he told me that he lost a package of Johnsonville brats. Now, as you know, Johnsonville brats are one step away from divine holiness for a Wisconsinite. Luckily, they can be bought here in Cambodia (which is Sean’s favorite weeknight meal, second only to a fast food burger from Lucky Burger…).

Anyway, Jared went on to tell me how his package of brats went missing, and, well, you’ll have to read the rest.

Check out his blog, and the story, here: 


I’ll be back soon, with more photos and stories about Cambodia! 

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