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Mondulkiri Part Two

Back so soon, huh?

Yes, it’s only been a week, but I have some absolutely stunning photographs to share with you.

After my first post on Mondulkiri, my friend Shap wrote me and said, “Hey, you should have told me about the blog, I would have sent you these photos earlier!” I told him not to worry, and that I would make another post highlighting his work.

And, honestly, he takes great photographs.

Shap and Kari live on Maui. Kari works for the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kihei, and Shap works for Maui Kayaks.

After spending a week with him, I have to tell you: If you’re going to Maui, book with Maui Kayaks. John would make the absolute best guide, like, ever. Really. Check out his Tripadvisor reviews here.

So, he shared these photos with me, which totally blew my mind. Not only were they great pictures, but I love looking at an event through someone else’s eyes. He took photos from an angle I never saw in person, and now my memory of Mondulkiri is multi-dimensional.

Check out his photos. In the words of Kari and Shap, mahalo!
trip'14 9345




trip'14 8349

trip'14 8508

trip'14 8515

trip'14 8553

trip'14 8554

trip'14 8607

trip'14 9534

trip'14 9553

trip'14 9563

trip'14 9685

trip'14 9739

trip'14 9740

trip'14 9365

trip'14 9369

trip'14 9374

trip'14 9366

trip'14 9368

trip'14 9355

trip'14 9750

trip'14 9349

trip'14 9347

trip'14 9760

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