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Sweet Tooth

A quick post on a busy Saturday morning. Sean and I are moving into another apartment and settling into the routine at school, so we’ve got lessons to plan and boxes to pack. Did I mention how much I love being back in Cambodia? I love it. It feels so good! So much like home. 

I saw this advertisement online for a dessert at a popular restaurant here, and I had to share it with you. I am good at photographing a lot of what I eat, but I have never really talked about Cambodian desserts. 

Take a look at your typical Cambodian sweet snack:

Artease DessertEven if I did photograph that myself, I could never have identified all the gelatinous bubbles that exist in one bowl. In the year that we’ve been here, I have decided that I do like coconut jelly, and I certainly like fresh mango. The chewy pearl, grass jelly, aloe vera, and earl grey tea jelly, though, I have yet to form an opinion on. 

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