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Top Ten Travel Highlights of 2013

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2014 already. Since we’ve moved abroad, Sean and I have rang in the new year in Jordan, Egypt, and now Cambodia. As amazing as it is to keep looking forward to new adventures, it is equally important to reflect on all we’ve experienced. 2013 was pretty awesome. We moved from Kuwait to Cambodia. We celebrated our second year of marriage. Sean had knee surgery. I had wrist surgery. Sean tried pufferfish. I started eating chicken again. We watched Breaking Bad. But I digress.

Anyways, here are our travel highlights of 2013. There’s not really any particular order; it was near impossible to prioritize such perfect memories…  I hope you enjoy!

 2013 Travel Highlights

10. Playing disc golf with my family over the summer (Wisconsin)547901_4009921418603_1670924733_n


9. My last vegetarian thali at Banana Leaf (Kuwait)img_2404


8. Climbing Kep Mountain (Cambodia)10


7. Learning to speak Khmer (Cambodia)1185019_10201246178628688_1713916646_n


6. Eating giant prawns on the Koh Kong coast (Cambodia)img_6725


5. Becoming addicted to shiro and injera (Ethiopia)img_4913


4. Smoking shisha with my mother and the head of the Ministry of Communication (Kuwait)img_4726_2


3. Hiking five nights on The Beaten Path trail (Montana)15


2. Petting baboons in the Simien Mountains (Ethiopia)img_5656


1. Standing under the raging waterfall of Tad Yeang—Can you spot me? (Laos)img_7795-version-2




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Five Days In The Wilderness


Hello! Today I’d like to share with you our backpacking trip in the Beartooths. I’ll keep this post rather short as the pictures speak for themselves.

We hiked a trail called The Beaten Path trail in the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness. The trail is situated Northeast of Yellowstone National Park, in a rugged and remote mountain range.

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 7.02.07 AMWe took five days to do twenty-six miles because there is so much to see. Waterfalls, mountain peaks, hidden lakes, snow fields. But I am talking too much. Take a look at the photos!


Technically the sign at the end of the trail for us, but it makes for a good intro.


Lots and lots of stream crossings!



This was near Fossil Lake as we were getting above tree line.


The weather held out, and it was gorgeous.


Here we are skirting the edge of Fossil Lake, above 10,000 feet in elevation!



Fossil Lake.



We set up camp one night shortly after Fossil Lake. While the sun was glowing and the temperatures were warm, there were still hundreds of snowfields everywhere.



This is Dewey Lake, which had incredible views.



Impasse Falls, shortly after Dewey Lake.



A gorgeous lake named Lake-At-Falls.


On our way out, hiking past Rimrock Lake.



We were able to find enough downed wood to build a hefty campfire on our final night!

After we got off the trail, we played tourist for a day at Yellowstone National Park.


Old Faithful, and a very pretty doggy.

26Perfect beverages for the perfect vacation.

There you have it! Thus concludes our trip in the Beartooths. It was lovely, and I’d hike The Beaten Path again in a heartbeat. If you ever find yourself looking to plan a trip in the Montana/Wyoming area, I’d highly recommend it!


Next Up: Cambodia! We’ve been living here for five days, and I’ve got LOTS to share! Check back again for beautiful photos and captivating stories!


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