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Scenery of Phuket 

Living on a tropical island is pretty beautiful. Most of my blog posts are centered around a specific event or location, but I’ve been accumulating so many random photos of daily life that it’s time I post them all at once. I hope you enjoy!

This is one of the banana trees growing in our yard. We snapped this picture right as sun set; you can see the small bananas growing each with an individual flower. You can actually cut off the large red blossom and make really delicious banana flower salad, but I think we’ll keep it on the branch for aesthetic appeal.
The view out of bedroom window, looking across one of the many valleys of Kathu. I used to think I wanted to live near the beach, but now I prefer the cool temperatures of the clouds as they build up around the hills!

We had some friends over for lunch today, so I ran to the market to pick up lettuce and tomatos. Of course there are hundreds of grocery stores where I can get Kraft macaroni and cheese and Reese’s peanut butter cups, but I prefer the atmosphere of the local market for my fresh produce. Not to mention you can buy cloves of garlic that have already been peeled!

Seemingly part of an elegant and vibrant market, this is actually a deserted tourist destination near my house. It’s called the floating market and has little shops selling trinkets and t-shirts. 

Oh boy, this was a surprise. We went to Patong beach on Wednesday hoping for a quiet patch of sand to watch the sun go down. Little did we know that November marks the beginning of high season. Our once sparse beach was totally packed, and it’s not even Christmas.

…and we saw our first cruise ship. 

The road I drive to school every morning. (Yes, it took a while to get used to left-hand driving. I still hit the windshield wipers when I’m trying to signal…)

And finally, one of my favorite photos from this month. Sean and Summit (our dog) on Laem Ka beach. Even though tab been a long rainy season we’ve still found our afternoons of sunshine! 

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Rainy Season In Cambodia

Since mid-September, we have been gathering video footage and photographs of the rainy season here in Cambodia. It rained a lot. Not every day, but perhaps once a week. And when it rained, it poured. Buckets of rain for hours on end. The sky turned gray as the breezes picked up, and the water fell hard. There was never any predicting the rain; sometimes we’d go a week without any, then we’d have a downpour two days in a row.  Streets flooded. Homes flooded. Our school flooded. I’m not kidding.


The view out our apartment window.


Kids playing in the street.

The rest of the pictures were taken on Sean’s iPad, so the quality isn’t as great. You can still get a feel for the magnitude of the all. I took all of the iPad video footage we shot, and made a short clip of it all. Check it out here:

Here are more stills we took on the iPad both during our commute to and from school, and even a few from the school itself:


Imagine driving that moto….


Even bicyclists struggled through it.


At this point, it really doesn’t resemble a street at all. The ironic thing is that this is one of the two or three roads in the entire city that you actually have to pay a toll to use!


The view outside my classroom window. That is not supposed to be an island.


The Early Learning building completely flooded. We canceled school and had to gut the entire building and relocate the classrooms.


Yes, those are worms. You really should have to fill out some sort of “Survival Skills Assessment Test” before coming to Cambodia.

It would look something like this:

Assess your ability to endure the following scenarios. Please check all that apply. 

___ Wade barefoot through flooded buildings.

___ Carry tables and chairs through flooded buildings.

___ Eat coagulated blood in your soup.

___ Sustain thirty leech bites in twenty-four hours.

___ Balance on the back of a moto going the wrong way down a crowded boulevard.

___ Play chicken with motos, bicycles, and pedestrians every time you get behind the wheel.

___ Avoid cows, dogs, and pedestrians when driving.

___ Talk your way out of bribes.

___ Bribe your way out of tickets.

___ Hike through 90 degree weather in 70% humidity. 

___ Tolerate strange fried foods: Tarantulas, crickets, frogs, and snakes.

___ Maintain a sense of humor in illogical situations.

Don’t let the above list fool you, we love Cambodia. It’s the best place we’ve lived so far. I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Most of the above list is precisely why we love this country so much. It’s unpredictable. It’s a bit chaotic. It’s fun. It’s the wild west of Southeast Asia.

And in case you were wondering, we are always accepting visitors.

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