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Ethiopia in Panoramas

Hello All! This is Sean.

I know I haven’t posted a blog since…well…in more than a year. And by posted a blog, I mean “A” blog. I’ve only posted one. So this is my second blog post since the inception of alohakuwait.

Well I finished putting together all of these panoramas from Ethiopia and I just had to share them. Ethiopia, especially the Simien Mountains, was just amazing. So there won’t be much text to this post, just eye popping,  jaw dropping pictures 🙂

The pictures will be in the chronological order of our trip. Here is the route that we took:


Ethiopia was a lot larger than we anticipated and we had a few long car drives. But it was so worth it. Can you believe that there are 90 million people living in Ethiopia! In all of our driving, we never went a minute without see someone walking on the road.

So, Ethiopia Itinerary: Starting in Addis Ababa. lunch in Debre Markos. Stop at Portuguese Bridge and Jemma Gorge. Night in Bahir Dar. Morning Blue Nile Falls. Night in Gondar. Morning Gondar Castles, Baths. Night in Gondar. Morning drive to Simiens and start Hike. Two nights in the Simiens. Back to Gondar. Back to Addis Ababa. Night in Addis Ababa see Ethiopian Dancing. Day in Addis Ababa. Night fly back to Kuwait.

PLEASE READ: In order to get the full experience of each panorama, you must click on the picture to expand it larger. Otherwise, what is the point of a pan. So click on the pictures to see them larger 🙂

All right already, bring on the pictures!

JemmaGorgeJemma Gorge – our first stop on our way to the Portuguese Bridge.

JemmaGorge2Jemma Gorge

PortugueseBridgePortuguese Bridge – Abby and Kim on the Bridge built in the 1600’s by the Portuguese (Maybe. Apparently there is some controversy over when and who really built it).

BlueNileFalls1On our way to the Blue Nile Falls – It was the Saturday market day so people from villages sometimes a 5 hour walk away came to this town to buy and sell livestock and other goods. People were swimming naked in the Nile down in the gorge to the right.

BlueNileFalls3Blue Nile Falls – You can’t see it, but much of the water has been diverted to the left for a hydroelectric dam. This is rather unfortunate. If you google image “blue nile falls” you may be able to see what it used to look like. Apparently, they are building a new dam further down the river. Once this is finished (which should be soon based on everyone we talked to), they will get rid of the Blue Nile Falls Dam and these waterfalls will again be spilling water from the far left to the far right side of this picture.

Baths1Emperor Fasilides (Fasilidas) Baths – King in Ethiopia in the 1600’s. His Capital was Gondar. This was his summer home. The entire thing would be filled with water 10 feet high. They would divert a (not so) nearby river to fill the pool. They still do this yearly for a baptism festival. Our guide told us the kids sometimes climb the trees on the left and jump in.

CastleKim3Gondar Casltes – Built by King Fasilides and family. Each new generation built a new castle, right next to their parents and grandparents. Now it is a whole Castle Complex.

Castle3Gondar Castles

Castle2Gondar Castles

CastleKim7Gondar Castles – I forced Kim into a castle photo shoot. These trees had the most amazing purple flowers. And of course my beautiful wife.

CastleKim4Gondar Castles – with Kim.


Gondar Castles – with Kim.

CastleKim8Gondar Castles – with Kim.

HotelViewGondar Street – From the roof balcony of our hotel.

KimSimien2Simien Mountains – with Kim.

SimienWaterfall1Simien Mountains – You can’t see it now, but during the rainy season there is a very tall waterfall coming down from the crevice in the center right.

Simiens2Simien Mountains

Simiens3Simien Mountains – In one direction there is sheer cliffs dropping 10,000 breathtaking feet. You turn 180 degrees and it’s flat plateau land with these strange palm-like trees.

ImetGogoFullPeopleImet Gogo, Simien Mountains – Here is an (almost) 360 degree view of the most beautiful peak in the Simien Mountains. It is called Imet Gogo.

ImetGogoKimImet Gogo, Simien Mountains – Here is just Kim from the panorama above.


Imet Gogo, Simien Mountains

ImetGogoSeanPanImet Gogo, Simien Mountains – with Sean.

ImetGogoKim3Imet Gogo, Simien Mountains – with Kim. This picture was taken from the Imet Gogo peak. You can see Kim in the middle walking on the perilous path that you must take to get to the Imet Gogo peak. Both sides of the path were rather dangerous cliffs.

ImetGogo3Simien Mountains – On the left is the Imet Gogo peak. On the right out of screen is the next peak we were heading to, Inatye.

KimSimien3Simien Mountains – with Kim. Hiking around the backside of Inatye.

SimiensAllPeaksSimien Mountains

Simiens10Simien Mountains – Here you can see the peaks. The peak 4th from the left is Inatye (13,353 feet). The peak 6th from the left is Imet Gogo (12,881 feet). We went up both in one hike…

KimSimien4Simien Mountains – with Kim. From our campsite in Chennek.

Simiens11Simien Mountains – with our fearless local guide.

Well there you have it. We loved Ethiopia.

Hope you enjoyed the pans!


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Hiking In The Simien Mountains: Summits, Baboons, and Smiles

Opening my eyes, I was staring at the ceiling of our tent as I felt my hipbones crackling against the cold, hardened volcanic earth. The sides of the tent were pink like the tip of my nose, and I smiled. I knew I had plenty of crisp, breaking dawn to enjoy before we set out on the trail. When you’re trekking, your body synchronizes itself with the earth. You become drowsy with the setting of the sun, and you wake energized and excited, oblivious to your caffeine addiction which exists in the real world. There is no grumbling, no hitting of snooze buttons, no suit and tie. You have only your basic needs to fulfill; the rest is your private dance with nirvana.

As I crawled out of the tent, I rolled up my sleeping bag and tied my scarf around my head. “Let’s go, Sean!” I whispered, and pulled him into the frigid morning air. At 11,000 feet, there is not much atmosphere between you and the sunrise.


We had breakfast, which consisted of coffee, tea, bread with jam, and even pancakes! (We were trekking in style, remember?)


Our morning shadows at Gitch camp.


As we set out on the trail, the heat of the sun quickly warmed our skin. Our first goal of the day was to summit Imet Gogo, at 12,881′. I had read that it would give us a 360 degree view of the Simiens!


As we near the summit, we began to play hopscotch among the boulders. I loved the rock formations in the park, which were created by volcanic activity and then eroded into such fascinating shapes.


By around 11am, we had reached the top of Imet Gogo. Sean snapped this panorama of me (click on it to expand on a new page) as we were taking in the sights. I was in awe of the vastness of the landscape!

We ran into another group hiking, and asked them to take our picture.


Another panorama, this time of Sean. He’s on an outcropping slightly below the summit. I was at the top, taking his picture from above. This is also a great photo because you can see the next leg of our journey in the background. If you look at the wide-faced slope directly behind Sean, we were going to hike all the way to the top of that, and then to the highest peak you can see behind it. Our second summit wasn’t terribly high, but we had to hike all the way down into the valley between the two peaks!


Our way down from Imet Gogo…


A beautiful view along our trek. (Click on for full pan.)


Our trusty scout… always guiding our way. There really is no reason for the scout to carry a rifle, except that it’s solely for tradition. We had nothing to fear the whole time we were hiking.


Another gorgeous view of the cliffs of the Simiens.


Can you spy me? Rounding the bend of the trail.


This was our second summit, Inatye at 13, 353′. It was higher than Imet Gogo by a little bit. The peak behind me looks deceiving because Sean is shooting down to capture my picture. We were higher than that peak in the background, which is very deceiving from this picture.


Sean on our way down from Inatye.


More beautiful views….


Don’t fall over the edge!


Me pointing at the summit of Imet Gogo.


Again, our fantastic scout. All he slept with at night was the pink blanket he wore over his head during the day. Not to mention he hiked the whole trail in sandals. That guy was legendary.


Sean and our scout at the end of day 2. I wished more than anything that I spoke Amharic, because I am sure he had some amazing stories to tell.


Washing my face at the pump at our second campground, Chennek.


Sean’s dirty, dirty legs. Everything was so dusty because it was the end of the dry season. That is not a tan line, but a dirt line. Isn’t it the worst!


As if climbing two mountains and capturing beautiful vistas wasn’t enough, we sat down in the middle of a troupe of Gelada Baboons.


We were so close, I could barely believe it.

I kept my distance from this guy…


Demiss, who had no qualms about making friends with the baboons.


He quickly made me feel comfortable with being near to them.


We want to post this on his webpage for him! “Travel with Demiss, and have the time of your life!”


Lunch time for the little lady…


Abby and Demiss, just hanging out with one of the baboons. It seemed that she loved the shadow of Demiss’ leg!


Up close and personal.



Same message around the world, “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.” Will do, Ethiopia. Will do.


Our camp at Chennek. It was truly gorgeous. The mountains in the background are the peaks Sean and I were hiking around the day before.


One final view of where we hiked. It was really one giant fantasy world.

I have one more post on Ethiopia to share with you. We visited Addis Ababa, the capital city, on our final day. Then we tearfully boarded our plane back to Kuwait.

While I write this, I have only 43 days left here in Kuwait. I better start snapping some pictures for another blog for you!

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